my playlist of the summer: (click on "musik" in the menu on the left)

the sunday drivers - on my mind

first concert of the summercase festival in madrid - a group of long-dark-haired guys, with beards and sunglasses... odd style; and kind of "flabby" music, when they sing about "the colors of the rainbow in the sky" with the precisely rainbow-colored neon lightning behind them... but the public seems to know all the lyrics; and when they start "on my mind", I instantly idenfy it as a hit for the radios, and seeing the public reaction, it must be; anyway it's far from my favourite music, but it stayed on my mind (*festival of jokes*) and reminds me the heat of this day, so I put it here.

my brightest diamond - something of an end
golden star
freak out

the discover of the festival - thanks to the take-away shows, I had already listened to her, but I didn't really know what to expect.. shara worden is a little woman with a huge voice giving shivers, and a communicative energy. first two songs hyptonizing, unfortunately the fall of a cymbal inexplicably turns off the electricity, letting her and the bassist dancing on the only sound of drums... until they finally get everything back and go on with songs between melancholic melodies and nervous guitar and cries.

electrelane - u.o.r
eight steps
in berlin
those pockets are people
between the wolf and the dog

those I absolutely wanted to see, as well as pj harvey - and the people were in trance, even if the sound wasn't that good. anyway, those girls on the stage took everybody and themselves with their merciless drums, pianos' climax and guitars' screams; while the guitarist was playing and sprawling and squirming on her amp.

kaiser chiefs - everyday I love you less and less

they were stupidly repeating "somos kaiser chiefs!...somos kaiser chiefs!...somos kaiser chiefs!"; objectively, I don't really like it, but this song reminds me berlin.

pj harvey - oh my lover
big exit

because she's the greatest one - even if her concert was a little bit disappointing: too many people, and new songs that didn't make me anything...

france gall - poupée de cire, poupée de son

because of the enthusiasming cover arcade fire made of it (the cover is on the radio, too, but the sound isn't the best)

scissor sisters - I don't feel like dancing
tits on the radio

THE show of the festival - they made the people dancing but most of all, they made me dancing, althought I had spent something like ten hours in concerts and crowd and walking... and it's also nice to bawl "there ain't no tits on the radio!" in a car driving through a foreign city...

(no more festival)

bat for lashes - horse and I
what's a girl to do

I'm in a car, with people I like, I'm staring at the lanscape passing by the window, with the rain crashing gently and bluring the view; I've sacrified the first listening of this cd I just bought (usually it's alone and quietly in my room). anyway that instant with the four of us listening religiously to it in the car gave the voice of natasha khan all the mystical dimension it deserves.

thedo - on my shoulder
yma sumac - malambo number one

two adverts' songs which held my attention, following each other in the cinema.

wax tailor feat. charlotte savary - our dance
the moldy peaches - county fair
oslo telescopic - lone
monkey in a suitcase
tuxedomoon - touched
fifth column
the stranger
an affair at the soiree
sonic youth - streamxsonik subway
nevermind (what was it anyway)
beauty lies in the eye
tunic (song for karen)
poltergay - born to be alive
sol seppy - move
farewell your heart
soulwax - any minute now
aaron - endless song
beautiful scar
bebe - malo

other covers or discovers or re-discovers of this summer; one part is thanks to mr cé.