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lundi 16 mars 2009


mardi 3 mars 2009

dance on the floor in the round

here is a new playlist!
you can find some nice covers inside...

lundi 2 mars 2009

le come-back

the insurrection of things

in jim avignon and brothers metz's exhibition, "der aufstand der dinge" in sakamoto contemporary, you could, among others :

- see the world as boxes

- lead a cardboard-man to play xylophone via a wii-mote
- press a button to select the random next president

- get a free cash-receipt and recognize yourself in ascii (how the hell does that work?)

- use a bone-detector
- watch the over and over again on-going movement of war and/on people

- lie on expensive artist's deck-chairs

- beat the system with an interactive fly swatter

- not expect that everything would work, because, come on, things can't always obey...